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Nottage/Trinity House River Users Course

Nottage CoursesThis course, endorsed and supported by Trinity House, is aimed at all new river users. This includes:

  •     •  Canoers and kayakers
        •  Gig rowers
        •  Dinghy and skiff rowers
        •  Stand-up paddleboarders
        •  Jetskiers
        •  Powerboaters and waterskiers
        •  Windsurfers
        •  Dinghy sailors
        •  Day sailors and coastal cruisers
        •  Wild swimmers

The syllabus offers elements useful to anyone who is new to going afloat on the river for pleasure:
  •     •  Personal Safety afloat
           •  First aid
           •  Lifejackets and buoyancy aids
           •  Hypothermia, heatstroke, sunburn, dehydration, etc
  •     •  Vessel Safety
           •  Simple passage plan and pilotage
           •  Emergency equipment
           •  Emergency procedures
  •     •  Weather
        •  Tidal streams and range
        •  GPS and establishing position
        •  Compass, VHF radio, mobile phone
        •  Rules of the Road
        •  Legislation and insurance
        •  Further training opportunities

The syllabus links to the local rivers, making the topics more relevant. These topics include:
  •     •  Charts, publications and buoyage
        •  Other river users and their needs
        •  Ecology of the marine environment, its importance and sensitivity
        •  Sources of local information

The one-day, 6-hour course runs monthly from 0930 to 1600, with a minimum student number of 5, and a maximum number of 15.  Tea and Coffee can be purchased at the Nottage.
Thanks to the support of Trinity House, the fee for this full day course is only £10.

Instructors: Bernie Hetherington, Robin Cole, Richard Barnard (RYA Instructors)
Timetable for 2022-23  
Sunday 18 September
Sunday 23 October

This course is sponsored by Trinity House and Imray, Laurie, Norie and Wilson.